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About Berklee Online

Berklee Online brings the best of Berklee College of Music to students around the world. Study Berklee's curriculum, with Berklee's faculty, in a small and supportive online community. All courses are instructor led, with weekly chats and personalized feedback directly from your instructor.

Next Term Begins April 6, 2020
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Learn Berklee's renowned guitar techniques directly from our faculty members, in a collaborative online community of like-minded musicians.

Become a well-rounded guitar player in any style, including blues, rock, jazz, and funk. Learn guitar chords, guitar scales, and how to get a great guitar sound.

Berklee Online's In-Depth Guitar Curriculum Includes:

  • Guitar Chords & Scales
  • Classical Guitar
  • Blues Guitar
  • Jazz Guitar
  • Rock Guitar Soloing
  • Classic Rock Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar Techniques
  • Acoustic Blues Guitar
  • Rhythm and Groove Guitar
  • Funk/Rock and R&B Guitar Soloing
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