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Learn the Latest Music Production and Recording Technologies from Berklee Online

Berklee Online is always on the forefront of music production and recording. With instructors embracing new techniques and technologies, the field continues to evolve with deep dive explorations of studies like ambisonics and 360° video, which producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and educator John Escobar demonstrates in this six-part video series.

This cutting edge music production series takes students through everything from the basic steps of finding the right equipment to capture ambisonic sound, all the way to recording and mixing a complex ensemble situation like a Boston Symphony Orchestra string quartet.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Recording Ambisonics
  • What Are Ambisonics?
  • 5 Tips for Recording Ambisonics
  • How to Set Up Your Ambisonic Recording
  • 5 Tips for Mixing Ambisonics
  • How to Use Facebook Spatial Workstation

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